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Welcome to our FAQ page! We understand that you might have questions about our products/services, policies, or how to use our platform effectively. To assist you, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions categorized for easy navigation. Find answers to common inquiries below, and if you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance.

Q: What is CryptoHive Academy?

Cryptohive Academy is a crypto educational website which aims to educate you everything that is need to know about blockchains. We start out with a goal that you will be able to monetise the skillsets we teach you to make money in the blockchain industry.

Q: What do i need for lessons ?

Students will be required to bring their own laptop / computer for our courses. Lessons will be taught only using computer due to DEFI is best used via a computer. DEFI can be used on any operating system.

Q: Any software pre-requisites before coming for course ?

You will need to have a computer that can able to run Google Chrome or Firefox smoothly. Our courses are taught only in these browsers. we do not advocate the use of DEFI over other browsers at the moment.

Q: What are the recommended browsers by us ?

Currently we would recommend the use of Google Chrome, Firefox or brave browser when accessing websites related to both crypto or DEFI.

Q: Are our courses suitable for beginners ?

All of our courses suitable for beginners even if you have not experience crypto before. Our recommendation is to start taking DEFI 101 as it is a suitable courses for beginners to begin with to step into the world of crypto and DEFI.

Q: What are differences between Crypto & DEFI ?

Crypto is a digital or virtual currency that is on the internet which is nearly impossible to counterfeit or double spend while DEFI uses crypto as a virtual currency as a medium of exchange to run financial services on the blockchain. DEFI aims to disrupt traditional financial services by bring them on to the blockchain.

Q: Why is DEFI more prevalent nowdays (Part 1) ?

Just to name some of the benefits but the list is not exhaustive, people are attracted to DEFI mainly due to the transparency of the funds, where the money was went, where is it held in escrow and that is all that info available to the users of DEFI unlike when compared to traditional financial services.

Q: Why is DEFI more prevalent nowdays (Part 2) ?

We do not know what traditional financial services would do with the funds as it is held via a promise which in DEFI the agreement between both parties is held via a digital contract on the blockchain that has no intention to harm you financially as its purpose is to do one job.

Q: Why is DEFI more prevalent nowdays (Part 3) ?

To record transactions on the blockchain only. People understand that humans may fail to deliver on a promise but a code never fails on its promise once the code is hardcoded into the contract. Thus the increased reliance on DEFI nowdays.

Q: IF the knowledge is are good why share it ? (Part 1)

Knowledge acquisation is long term and not a zero sum game. It is true information is readily available on google but we curate content to help you save time and know where to source content efficently, creating more time and convenience for you.

Q: IF the knowledge is are good why share it ? (Part 2)

Also by operating on the scarcity mindset it doesnt grow and value add the world. We aim to change that perspective by starting this academy. The DEFI market is relatively so new that the piece of the pie is so big that it would not harm us to educate more people to come onboard.

Q: IF the knowledge is are good why share it ? (Part 3)

You are not too late to the game because all the money in crypto is like a drop in the ocean when compared to the money in the world. Furthermore, crypto aims can help to address specific financial issues such as financial inclusion that if addressed, the world would be in the a better place

Q: What Is the student to instructor ratio ?

We will keep to a max of 4-10 students to 1 instructor.

Q: What Is the refund policy?

No refunds after payment have been made. When you reserve your spot other students will need to proceed to the next batch. this is to provide equal opportunity to everyone.

Q: Does CryptoHive plan to build any community ?

We are building one. Join our group link on the link above or either on the link bottom.