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Get a headstart into what cryptocurrency is & start to get into the market in a simple easy to implement & cost effective manner

Why you should enroll

This course is for everyone who wants to get a solid understanding of the blockchain technology. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or developer - the knowledge you will get here will really give you a solid knowledge foundation you can rely upon when navigating the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape.

We will cover on why blockchain, cryptocurrency came to existence and how to get started to buy into cryptocurrency well.

More people are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon either to turn this into a career while some is considering to make it their side income. No matter the reason, We believe that blockchain could no longer be ignored. We believe this is a good opportunity for people who are coming to learn to understand what it is or either make a career shift into it. Our goal is for us to teach you the technical know-how so that you are able to make money in this cryptocurrency space.

Course Overview (CRYPTO 101)

CRYPTO 101 - This course aims to build a strong foundation in helping you understand the basics of cryptocurrency.

After this course, you would know how to deploy your fund well into the cryptocurrency market, how to buy and sell your crypto assets and most importantly do it in the most cost effective manner.


This course consists of approximately 4 hours of video content, hands on experience into the world of cryptocurrency. Check out the detailed curriculum below.

Chapter 1:

Intro into the world of cryptocurrency

  • How does the blockchain works ?
  • How does cryptocurrency works ?
  • Why people are interested to jump into the cryptocurrency bandwagon

Chapter 2:

Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Investing

  • Steps by steps to investing into crypto
  • Crypto strategy -> Trade VS HODL

Chapter 3:

Setting up your crypto exchanges to buy crypto (hands-on)

  • Basic VS advanced crypto exchange
  • How to buy & sell tokens on a basic crypto exchange
  • View token listings

Chapter 4:

Intro to Crypto Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio diversification strategies according to capital available
  • Risk management strategies
  • portfolio rebalancing strategies

After the course what could i expect ?

An overview of what you will get to learn about after attending my courses.

Chapter 1:

Intro into the world of cryptocurrency

  • You will understand how the blockchain works
  • You will learn what crypto can do compared to TradFi
  • You will begin to understand from crypto maximalist why they are increasing / maximising their exposure in crypto

Chapter 2:

Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Investing

  • You will understand the proper way to buy into a crypto project
  • We will study the comparisons between the Trade VS HODL

Chapter 3:

Setting up your crypto exchanges to buy crypto (hands-on)

  • You have experience how to use a basic CEX (Centralised Exchange)
  • You will learn how to track your tokens through use of token listing websites

Chapter 4: Intro to Crypto Portfolio Management

  • Implement portfolio diversification strategies. Learn how to allocate your initial capital into crypto tokens efficiently.
  • Apply risk management and portfolio rebalancing techniques

Jimmy Peh

Jimmy Peh is a seasoned crypto enthusiast with a passion that sparked in 2017. Since then, his fervor for diverse crypto technologies has propelled him into a multifaceted expert in the field. Leveraging his extensive knowledge, Jimmy has successfully mentored and empowered over 100 students to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. With the recent surge of interest in NFTs, he has dedicated himself to specialising in this burgeoning sector, recognising its potential for significant benefits. Jimmy finds immense joy in exploring the intricacies of NFTs, seamlessly merging his learning experience with profitable outcomes

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