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Elevate your cryptocurrency trading expertise with this course focused on mastering trading psychology and retail buying & selling strategies. Perfect for those who grasp crypto fundamentals and aim to refine their crypto knowledge to an intermediate level

Why you should enroll

This course is for everyone who wants to get a solid understanding of the blockchain technology. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or developer - the knowledge you will get here will really give you a solid knowledge foundation you can rely upon when navigating the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape.

We will cover on why blockchain, cryptocurrency came to existence and how to get started to buy into cryptocurrency well.

More people are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon either to turn this into a career while some is considering to make it their side income. No matter the reason, We believe that blockchain could no longer be ignored. We believe this is a good opportunity for people who are coming to learn to understand what it is or either make a career shift into it. Our goal is for us to teach you the technical know-how so that you are able to make money in this cryptocurrency space.

Course Overview (CRYPTO 201)

Building on the foundation from our CRYPTO 101 course, CRYPTO 201 is designed to further enrich your understanding of crypto markets. This course serves as a guide to navigate these dynamic markets, empowering you to grow your crypto portfolio while not getting rekt (wrecked) in the crypto markets.

Throughout this course, you'll delve into the realm of trader psychology within the crypto space. Gain insights into trading diligently and develop a keen understanding of market strategies, trends, and the utilization of crypto analytics tools. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to exercise better prudence in your crypto investments.


This course consists of approximately 4 hours of video content, hands on experience into the world of cryptocurrency. Check out the detailed curriculum below.

Chapter 1:

Intro to market cycles

  • Understand crypto market cycles and what drives it
  • Identify factors influencing market cycles (bull / bear market)
  • Compare historical case studies to avoid pitfalls & identify market opportunities

Chapter 2:

Crypto analytics tools (hands-on)

  • Harness crypto analytics tools for informed decision-making
  • Tools for sentiment analytics on crypto projects
  • Recognise and leverage market trends

Chapter 3:

Strategies for entry & exit in crypto tokens

  • Understand where token prices are derived from
  • Apply trader psychology effectively in crypto trading
  • Learn when is good to deploy capital into projects and when to take profit

Chapter 4: Crypto Staking, Benefits & Pitfalls (hands-on)

  • Learn about staking on different ecosystems & staking requirements prior to staking
  • Guidance of using staking analytics tools, to predict whether the market finds project is bullish / bearish
  • Understand the other benefits of what staking can bring beyond earning more of its native tokens and risk involved while staking

After the course what could i expect ?

An overview of what you will get to learn about after attending my courses.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Crypto Market Cycles

  • Understand crypto market cycles and influencing factors.
  • Analyze historical case studies for insights and opportunities.

Chapter 2: Crypto Analytics Tools (hands-on)

  • Utilise crypto analytics tools for informed decision-making.
  • Recognise and leverage market trends through analytics.

Chapter 3: Strategies for Entry & Exit in Crypto Tokens

  • Comprehend token price determinants.
  • Apply effective trader psychology in trading decisions.
  • Recognize optimal moments for capital deployment and profit-taking

Chapter 4: Crypto Staking, Benefits & Pitfalls (hands-on)

  • Understand what are the benefits and risks involved when staking and the requirements needed to do crypto staking
  • With the use of crypto staking analytics tools, we can do trend analytics to decide its best to stake tokens for the short, mid or the long term

Sayyid Khan

Sayyid Khan, a Software Engineer with a background in Information Technology, possesses extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Besides teaching aspiring developers programming skills, Sayyid applies his crypto expertise to explore trading strategies within the blockchain space. His goal is to leverage this knowledge for potential income opportunities while guiding others into the IT and blockchain industries.

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