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We are in the business of upgrading you. With a focus on providing cryptocurrency & blockchain education. We want to develop the next generation of blockchain users through our world-class educational programmes.

Our Programs

Blockchain Fundamentals

Uncover blockchain's core: types, consensus, smart contracts, security, and real-world use. Explore its transformative potential across industries. Join us to grasp blockchain's power in a concise, comprehensive guide.

Cryptocurrency Foundation

We give the domain knowledge required to help you to get started in crypto. Everything that a newcomer needs to know will be covered such as how to use exchanges to buy or sell crypto, keeping & growing your crypto assets safely.

Decentralised Finance

Enter into the bleeding edge of tech by getting exposure into DEFI. Learn how to interact with decentralised exchanges, liquidity mining, staking on non-custodial wallets & use DAPPS on the chain directly to help multiply your income.

Blockchain is set to disrupt $5 Trillion dollars of conventional finance

There are huge money making opportunities in this disruptive industry.

Our Unique Edge

Beginner Friendly

We teach concept easy for beginners to follow & understand

Relevant Use Case

Only the most valuable contents will be covered to maximise learning impact

Affordable Content

We keep our course concise & affordable for our students.

Our Courses

Our revamped DEFI / NFT Courses are are coming soon

Our revamped DEFI / NFT Courses are are coming soon ★